Birth preparation with Hypnosis

How can it help you?
Birth hypnosis (purposeful self-hypnosis) is an ideal means for any pregnant woman to repeatedly put herself into the beneficial state of deep relaxation during pregnancy. In this relaxed state, supportive suggestions are more easily embraced.
Hypnosis is a modality that can be applied in birth preparation and during birth to use your natural abilities to relax, to reduce fear and be able to cope with pain sensations.

How can relaxation for birth be cultivated during pregnancy?
This can be achieved when you are willing to engage with the birth process, face your fears and limiting belief systems, and learn from expert knowledge. This can help to dissolve anxiety, uncertainty and tension. 

Hypnosis fosters connection with yourself, your body and inner resources through insights gained and thereby you grow confidence and trust in the birth process.
Through repeated listening and immersion into the birth hypnosis, you can help to induce relaxation sequences and good sleep during pregnancy.
Creating a deep and loving connection with the baby in utero is an additional benefit – especially in a consecutive pregnancy when time to bond seems scarce.
At birth, deep relaxation allows you to stay in the present moment and can even assist in relaxation when drug interventions (PDA) or a cesarean birth becomes necessary.

Would you like to involve your partner?
Your partner is also welcome to attend the session. They can benefit as well by knowing what your resources are and how you can remain in your personal flow state during birth. This enables optimal support for you and can help your partner to stay calm and more available to you and the baby during the birth process.

When is the ideal time?
If you do not have any specific concerns, it is ideal to have the session around week 30 of your pregnancy. If you need to process a previous challenging birth and/or are plagued by fears about birth that prevent you from sleeping, it makes sense to start earlier with a few sessions to address these issues.
Example content of a birth hypnosis session

  • Informative preliminary talk (hypnosis and its relation to childbirth)
  • Connecting with the flow state – understanding the birth hormones
  • Joint exploration to identify individual resources and your birth intentions
  • Narrating and recording of the birth hypnosis (MP3 file)

Duration and costs: One session is usually sufficient for a birth preparation hypnosis unless there are especially challenging issues to address. The session lasts approximately 120 minutes for individuals and costs CHF 250. For couples, I calculate around 2.5 hours and charge CHF 300.

Provider: Corina Macsay, birth and hypnosis professional, doula birth companion

Further information: www.doula-swiss.ch/hypnosis

For questions: +41 76 389 19 11.

Location: at our practice in ADLISWIL (Albisstrasse 33a, 8034 Adliswil)

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